lean manufacturing process

Think of Lean as a Fitness Program for your Business

Similar to a diet and exercise program for your body, Lean is a way to get your business fit for competitiveness, improved performance and profitability. This works via a focus on the customer, implementation of new business practices, processes and procedures, and the ongoing commitment from everyone to continuously improving results.

Lean is a holistic and sustainable approach that uses less of everything to obtain more. Lean is a business strategy built on satisfying the customer by meeting customer needs through supplying what is needed, when its needed in the right quantity.

Improve Quality, Reduce Costs Increase Profits

Lean implementation will improve Quality, reduce Costs and enable on time delivery of goods or services. Lean can be implemented in a production environment or an office based service organisation. Lean focuses on the elimination of waste, continuous flow and J.I.T. Basic tools assist with this such as 5s (workplace organisation), S.M.E.D (Single Minute Exchange of Die), 7 Wastes & Root cause problem solving P.D.C.A (Plan Do Check Act)

The aim is to achieve Best Quality - Lowest Cost - Shortest Lead Time - Excellent HSE and Highly Motivated People who are at the centre of everything that is done!

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