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RLA Polymers Australia Go Lean

Delegates from our RLA sites in Sydney and Melbourne recently took part in a two day course as part of their lean improvement plans

The course covered various lean tools and techniques which the delegates had to apply to the plug factory game, (see picture above). The aim of the game was to show how tools such as 5S, visual management, 7 wastes, line balancing and Takt time can improve production efficiency and drive business performance.

The course also included value stream mapping at both the Melbourne and Sydney sites. This exercise resulted in the teams creating an action plan to improve the value stream of the industrial adhesives product family at Melbourne. They aim to improve throughput by a 35% and reduce raw material stock holding for this product by 50%.

At Sydney, they plan to improve production efficiencies of the Adflex and Moreflex product families. They are also looking to introduce a Kanban system to level customer demand.

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